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Very good APP. I really love it!
Easy, easy and EASY!


by concorde pilot - 05.05.2020

Great app for practicing holding pattern entries and holding in general. Both NDBs and VORs are available which is great for any pilot willing to train their IFR procedures. Highly recommended!!


by Jacknibble - 25.02.2020

Great tool for practicing!


by Peter Bailey - 02.01.2020

Excellent procedural trainer for an HSI….highly recommend.


by Greg Greenman - 07.12.2019

Great for IFR training! Perfect app to get proficient in IFR procedures.


by Yudare - 04.11.2019

Simples e pratico. Facilita muito e potencializa a habilidade de interpretação dos instrumentos quanto a identificação de curso, radial, interceptação, arc dme, etc.


by Pwrsun - 11.11.2019

This app is quite to the point and makes it easy to train interceptions/holdings/DME arcs, including wind effects and using RMI/HSI instruments.


by Pilot_David - 11.11.2019

Fantastic. Great app. Hope you have the time to develop it further one day. Well done. Regards AB


by Andrew Biner - 25.09.2019

Great tool to learn the HSI


by 5150flyer - 23.09.2019

Just WOW! Absolutely amazing app thank you


by Julio Vieira - 12.08.2019



by Sartaj Singh - 11.08.2019

Best app on NAVAIDs! I am new student pilot, and even though am far from my instrument rating, I like to be ahead of things, and getting to know the instruments and know how they operate is a must.


by topnotch707 - 11.06.2019

Awesome! This app excellent! I don’t need to book a practice sim and waste setup time just to practice holdings and arc/course intercepts. I can just hop on this app when I have free time and practice on my own.


by AeroAstroGeek - 25.04.2019

Currently starting my SEIR and this app has made it easy to practice NDB DME arcs and VOR arcs and interceptions. Great help.


by Aferg_3 - 04.04.2019

I LOVE this app. I am an IR rated atpl pilot and I can honestly tell you that by practicing with this app, keeps my instrument skills sharp


by Alex Alexandrakis - 04.04.2019

It’s a very handy tool to practice holding patterns, VOR and DME procedure.
Exellent and good job!


by Tim Ts. - 08.03.2019

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